Bob Hauck

Software and Systems Engineering
Merrimack, NH

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Real-Time Embedded Software Engineer

In depth experience with the design and implementation of real-time embedded software in the fields of satellite communications, feedback control, signal processing, and networks. Experience with all phases of system development including requirements, specifications, software design, hardware design, board bring-up, system integration, configuration management, and test.

Applicable Skills

System Architecture
Hard real-time systems, satellite communication systems, signal processing systems, servo control systems, and networks.
Software Development
Over 20 years of experience in software development.  Embedded programming, real-time programming, network programming.  Signal processing, servo control, satellite tracking, inertial navigation, communication protocol conversion, data acquisition.
Over 18 years of experience with Linux as a developer, system administrator, and user.
Correlation, curve fitting, job queues, memory pools, FIR and IIR filters, Kalman filters. Algorithm optimization and implementation. Communication protocols.
Computer Languages
C, C++, Python, PowerPC Assembler, MATLAB, Java
TCP/IP Networks
TCP/IP routing, protocol stacks, link troubleshooting, network infrastructure, VPN configuration, telecoms interfaces. OSPF, BGP4, and static routing. Ethernet switches, PPP, and RADIUS.

Professional Experience

1998 - Present: DRS Technologies, Merrimack, NH
Software Engineer V
1996 - 2000: Wasatch Communications Group, Salt Lake City, UT
Managing Partner

Wasatch Communications Group was a full-service Internet Service Provider and consulting firm, one of the first in Salt Lake City. It was sold to Aros Net of Salt Lake City in eary 2000.

1995 - 1996: Loral Communications Systems, Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Principal Engineer - Next Generation Ground Terminal
1992 - 1994: EFI Electronics, Salt Lake City, UT
Consulting Engineer
1993 - 1995: Loral Communications Systems, Salt Lake City, UT
Principal Engineer - Test Technology

Responsibilities primarily involved the development of custom test equipment for various air-ground communications applications.

1987 - 1993: UNISYS, Salt Lake City, UT
Electrical Engineer - Test Equipment Design
1983 - 1987: UNISYS, Salt Lake City, UT
Electronic Technician - Microwave Test

Formal Education

Obtained Cisco Network Design Specialist certification.
Graduate-level class in Object Oriented Design.
Advanced Windows Programming.
1988: UNISYS, Salt Lake City, UT
C language programming.
1987 - UNIVERSITY OF UTAH, Salt Lake City, UT
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.


Professional and personal furnished upon request.

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