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Greetings! Welcome to my purposely-plain home page. I don't do complicated web pages as they take too much time, both mine and yours. I also don't like spam and the spammers seem to be harvesting email addresses from web sites, so my email address is not posted here. I have instead provided a form that you can use to contact me.

I am an electrical engineer by training, but have worked in the software engineering and networking fields for most of my career. I have also been involved with Linux and the Internet for a while. Most days, all of those are still fun.

In 1994, Tom Cole, Scott Patten, and I started Wasatch Communications Group. WCG was one of the first three commercial ISP's operating in Salt Lake City. Our systems were based on Linux from the very beginning, starting with a Slackware distribution that featured kernel 1.0.8. We continued to use Linux in various roles as it and WCG matured.

Subsequent to the sale of WCG to Aros Net in February of 2000, I decided to return to the software engineering field. Shortly thereafter I moved to New Hampshire to take a full-time job with Codem Systems. Codem develops communications multiplexers, modems, antenna controllers, and cellular telephone products. Codem also provides custom engineering and support services for commercial and government customers.

I currently have interests in real-time programming, servo control, hardware interfaces, and embedded operating systems. If you are looking for a software engineer with skills in these areas, please feel free to take a look at my resume.

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